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Body Detective - Part Three

Struggling to find your voice? Is perfectionism hindering your forward motion?

The final workshop in this fall season series is devoted to the pairing of the Lungs and the Large Intestine, and begins with a description of their physiological role in the body. We’ll discuss each organ’s meridian energy patterns and explore yoga sequences - both yin and yang, passive and active - that support the health of these organ territories. The Lung + Large Intestine examine our leadership qualities -- how we use our "wind", and our our ability to complete tasks -- knowing what to save (essential minerals) and what to let go of (waste) to avoid metaphoric or real constipation.

Creating harmony within begins with understanding ourselves, and this is the first step towards building a compassionate community. Join us and learn how to be your own body detective.

(Participation of the previous two workshops not required to enjoy this one :)