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Introduction to Ayurveda: The Sister Science to Yoga with Mikki Raveh and Jazell Choi-Andujar

Ayurveda is known as the sister science to yoga just as Acupuncture is of Tai Chi and Qigong. It is both a complimentary health science and a holistic lifestyle. In general, people turn to yoga to reduce stress while they take care and connect to their bodies; Ayurveda helps supports those goals while heightening one's internal awareness of their mind, body and spirit. This workshop will provide a basic overview of Ayurvedic philosophy, how it correlates to yoga, and tips on how to move, eat, and live according to one's unique constitution. 

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal, and pen. No prior yoga knowledge necessary.

The workshop will cover:
• Basic Ayurvedic Principles
• Discovering Your Constitution & Imbalances
• Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Tips
• Relationship Between Yoga & Ayurveda

Price is $50

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