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Catch Your Breath During the Holidays

Take a break from your holiday hustle and learn a new way to calm your mind and body with breathwork. During this one hour workshop led by spiritual psychotherapist, Bianca L. Rodriguez MA, Ed.M, LMFT you’ll enhance your relationship with your breath unlocking your natural healing power. Breathwork combines conscious connected breathing and mindfulness while hyper-oxygenating your cells resulting in improved emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

Benefits of breathwork include: 

  • Profound relaxation and stress relief
  • Deep healing of wounds, grief and trauma 
  • Passage to expanded states of consciousness
  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Awakening to the truth of who you really are 
  • Overwhelming feelings of joy and well being
  • Relief from physical pain

Afterward, you’ll know the basics to practice breathwork on your own and share with loved ones. Get the gift of the Present this holiday season - your spirit will thank you!

Dress comfortably and bring layers if you tend to get cold. It is recommended that you do not eat at least 2 hours before breathwork for optimal results.If you are pregnant, have epilepsy or a heart condition please consult with your doctor before trying breathwork.



Bianca L. Rodriguez, MA, Ed.M, LMFT is a spiritual psychotherapist and breathwork teacher. For over a decade Bianca has guided individuals suffering from anxiety, depression and addiction back to wholeness. Down to Earth and a mystic at heart, she weaves traditional therapy techniques with alternative modalities igniting her client’s innate healing capabilities. After obtaining an MA and Ed.M in psychological counseling from Columbia University, Bianca relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her own recovery and spiritual path. She currently offers one on one healing sessions and group breathwork classes from her beachside office in Santa Monica and online. Upon meeting Bianca you'll be inspired by her larger than life spirit. Join her at