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Acceptance in Action: an Iyengar Workshop

Join Mikki Raveh and Marly Spieser-Schneider for a 3 week Iyengar Yoga workshop! This 3 week series uses Asana as a tool to develop our understanding of, and ability to find, acceptance within ourselves as well as take action and promote change. We will explore what these two ideas really mean; we will learn to recognize that acceptance is not synonymous with "settling" nor is taking action synonymous with the idea of fleeing the present moment or the current reality. Rather, we will explore how acceptance is in fact the first step to creating real change. We will work to recognize that honest transformation comes from a place of compassion and understanding not from ignorant force or aggression. In Asana, actions that truly change a posture/one's experience of a posture are those that are born from a developing of intelligence and sensitivity, in the body and mind, and an awareness and recognition of the obstacles that present themselves; of the present moment; of the self.