Dara Blumenthal

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Teaching style:

Heavily Guided, Embodied, Discussion Based


Dara Blumenthal, PhD has been formally cultivating her mind-body awareness since 2005. Since then she has woven together her passions in embodiment, awareness techniques, adult developmental psychology, sociology, and facilitation to support individuals and groups to become more intimate with their experiences and more liberated as a result. 

Dara is a Vajrayana practitioner in an Indo-Tibetan Buddhist lineage. Her approach to teaching meditation is heavily guided, embodied, and discussion-based. She is steeped in a tradition and approach that has been built for the Western mind, integrating both Western and Buddisht psychology. Dara’s style is clear, warm, down-to-earth, and accessible. 

Dara is trained as a Sociologist (PhD), Developmental Coach, Integral Facilitator®, Critical Theorist (MA), and Usui Reiki Master. Her undergraduate degree is in MInd-Body Awareness and Embodied Identity from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU. When she isn’t on the cushion she runs a private practice in Holistic Developmental Coaching and Integral Facilitation.