Making Things A Little Better

“By approaching my problems with "What might make things a little better?" rather than "What is the solution?" I avoid setting myself up for certain frustration. My experience has shown me that I am not going to solve anything in one stroke; at best I am only going to chip away at it.” 

― Hugh PratherI Touch the Earth, the Earth Touches Me


As we get older, we become a little like balloons which are already inflated; less room to make friends, to let new experiences in. We become less open; we think we know what we like, what we want. Can you think of a moment when you surprised yourself with your shifting, evolving desires? Can you think of a moment when you discovered, by some feeling of endearment or fondness flaring up unexpectedly within you, that what you wanted or what you liked was different than what you had thought or decided that you liked? 

Sometimes we get more of what we want by accepting what we think we don’t want, accepting a situation we consider to be less than ideal, not what we had planned. Letting go of expectations can be a huge relief; the pressure and burden of making and perfectly executing our plans is lifted, the exhausting action of grappling for control is eased into the peaceful stillness of acceptance.

Drew VillanoComment